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    • Rotola

      Official Discord server   09/17/17

      Hello Official Zsever Discord Server  has been added, to join server click this link: https://discord.gg/JbZnekW
      Everyone can join this server to talk and have fun.
      You can also contact members/moderators/admins/owners through discord channel. Good luck!   Discord Server Official
    • Rotola

      Auto restore rank information (Death Run)   03/18/18

      Hello everyone, according to the next update you can reset the ranks and levels in the Death Run and maybe Death Run profiles and statistics.

      We have opened a case of research on the problem of ranks and problems that are currently unsolved. For the next update there may also be problems of this type and we are trying to fix this.

      For this we are going to install a service of auto restore rank during the 24 hours, this service will end when the next update is available.

      The objective of this service is: Save the progress of your rank during the game Save the rank and level Save the experience
      IMPORTANT: You must be on the server so that your rank is saved in our database.

      When the update is ready for the server, you can restore your rank using the !rankrestore command if you lost the rank. REMEMBER: This service is only applied in Death Run server
    • Rotola

      Member application system temporarily closed due maintenance   12/10/18

      System of member application has closed temporarily due maintenance in our forums. During the past 2 weeks the system and databases found different problems to verify the usage of statistics, soon will be rearrived. The member applications active are paused due this issue, we are changing parameters and new rules to a best results and more easiest to check to join as member. Sorry for the inconvenience. Atentamente, Rotola.
    • Rotola

      Forum system in maintenance   04/12/19

      Hello, we are moving the forum to other location and with new system to prevent problems in the future. The registration zone has been disabled due maintenance, soon will be available. Greetings. Atentamente, Rotola.


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  1. 4 points
    We see ur lvl of iq here, I think u should finish primary school before talking. Any forums rule breaks can lead to warns/topic approval/flagged as spammer or ban
  2. 3 points
    You should have read the rules well before acting against it.
  3. 2 points
  4. 2 points
    +1 flo good luck, I have trust on you.. Edit* Forgot that only admins can vote, sorry.
  5. 2 points
    I really trust flo, he just need more experience with cmds and other with mod rank, thats the only thing that he is missing. +1 from me
  6. 2 points
    Breaking forums rules can also be ban on forum
  7. 2 points
    You are banned by breaking rules. If u dont like it we dont care.
  8. 2 points
    What power abuse, rules are there to follow, u break any then u shoulnt be surprised by the following. You shoulnt have broke any rule from the beginning
  9. 2 points
    In any case, the requirements will be investigated through statistics. My vote will be given later.
  10. 2 points
    I can trust you to be admin, since you gained experience and know hownto deal with most problems. +1 Good luck
  11. 1 point
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ADMIN APPLICATION TEMPLATE: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- 1- *Name/nickname: Denis <#Zsever#FloMaster> 2- *Age: <25> 3- *Country/city: <Slovenia> 4- *Type of game: <COD4> 5- *Server: <Deathrun> 6- *Why apply for the permission? <Well i always try to help every player if he ask me anything or if they have a problem etc as Moderator and i think i have already enough experience on this level. Also i know almost everything about commands for Admin and i think I am ready to become a Admin of Deathrun. I wont dissapoint anyone as I didn't till now. I'll try to do my best for everyone becaouse if you trust me then i must show you that I'll be best. In my presentation for Moderator i writed almost everything that what i think and how i might help to server and i have still the same answers.> 7- With the permission of admin, what tasks will you perform daily? <I gonna do same things like before as Moderator and I'll try to be active more and do my best to helps community and players on server and report, take action against rule breakers if it is necessary.> 8- With the permission of admin, what will you do if any player gets in trouble? <I will do my best and try to solve problem quickly as possible.> 9- With the permission of admin, are you able to provide the server? <Yes, I'll be active whenever I'll be able and do my best to show you that i was trustable.> 10- With the permission of admin, you are able to help the other players? <I'll gonna help them as much as i know to solve issues fast as possible.> 11- With the permission of admin, you are able to keep the server clean and free of incidents? <Ofcourse this is priority to keep server clean of incidents.> 12- With the permission of admin, do you accept the conditions the use of the rank? <Yes> ---------------------------------------------------------
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    We wont argue with you. You lost the match. Finally. Check forum for report when u breaking rules, it is the last time to get u banned. And please explain us where is there any power abuse?
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  15. 1 point
    Well there's also another reports on forum for the same player. Also i have SS of yesterday when he insulted me and Sovetskiy...
  16. 1 point
    You were banned for not speaking English for days and usage of racism words, you can check the list of penalties in our rules. This ban is not permanent, it is temporary, you must wait 2 months to be unbanned. Logs (from 09-04-2019-13-04-2019): (20:29:35) (say) RANK: N/A, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> WHITE POWER (20:29:35) (say) RANK: N/A, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> WHITE POWER (20:29:35) (say) RANK: N/A, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> WHITE POWER (20:29:36) (say) RANK: N/A, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> WHITE POWER (20:32:27) (say) RANK: N/A, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> Kuklas javla neger (20:33:33) (say) RANK: N/A, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> pa znam da ne znam (20:35:01) (say) RANK: N/A, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> ako ne igram deathrun (20:35:04) (say) RANK: N/A, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> igram hardcore (19:59:37) (say) RANK: N/A, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> bye fags (21:44:50) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> _\|/_420_\|/_ (21:44:51) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> _\|/_420_\|/_ (21:44:52) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> _\|/_420_\|/_ (14:31:17) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: Mitsubishi -> i ti si tryharx xD (14:38:03) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: Mitsubishi -> he is muslim (14:39:52) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: Mitsubishi -> Picketina (14:39:58) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: Mitsubishi -> a ova mapa (14:40:01) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: Mitsubishi -> tesko sranje (14:42:02) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: Mitsubishi -> iz picke materine (14:46:50) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: Mitsubishi -> nas kakv run sam imao (12:32:26) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: KKK Mitsubi -> nigger (20:40:10) (say) RANK: Regular, PLAYER: Mitsubishi -> Stfu negro
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    310 nice try @ActComplicated
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    You can download shazam on your phone and shazam those songs you want to know the name of.
  22. 1 point
    You can just OPEN the IWD. I'm sure the sound would be in there!
  23. 1 point
    You can download the song here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/frontlines/downloads/frontlines-theme
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    u got banned becoz of breaking rules and talking shits its truth